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Dragon Wheel of Life

An empowering year long in depth guide development program with quarterly enrollment. Sandra offers hands on tutoring, hand holding and support designed to move you through the magic of dragons, lost civilizations, power animals, the elements and more.


Each three months we deep dive into specific questions you personally have. We soar in the directions and elements of the East/Wind, South/Fire, West/Water and North/Earth.

Your Dragon that has been waiting to play with you.

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Full Year $8K
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Quarterly $2K

This program is for you if you're:

*  Already on a spiritual journey and want to

weave your human experience in with your spirit

guides to have a deeper understanding

of how to interact with them

*  A seeker who feels there is more out there,

and is ready to deep dive into a world of magic

*  Ready to embrace your natural abilities as

they are uncovered while letting go of under-

lying issues like limiting beliefs and expectations

*  Wanting to feel the magic of working with

new and known guides by learning to

connect, communicate as well as trust & believe

* Interested in the Shaman way of life, ancient civilizations and yes, even dragons...

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When you enter the hall of
The Dragon Wheel of Life:

Aspect 1


*  A call once a week for three weeks / month

*  Guidance for three months at a time, with a collective group of guides and way-showers, who are devoted to your success

* Each quarter may be guided with a direction, an element, an animal guide(s) or human like guide(s); such as dragon, buffalo, White Buffalo Calf Woman, or Arch Angels

*  Once a month personal 1:1's to answer further questions that may be holding you back, bringing guidance and awareness to where you may be headed

*  The ability to speak with a like minded community, to further support you, in a sacred container that is holding you with love, kindness and no judgment

Aspect 2

Coaching & Accountability

*  Gentle nurturing and nudging that continue to help you choose the direction you feel drawn towards while holding onto your individuality

*  Being able to reach out to Sandra with questions that are answered in a timely manner and her checking in with you to see how you are doing

*  The ability to continue the journey within this hall and the other hall; A Spiritual How-To

Aspect 3

Higher Learning

*  Meeting you where you are at and fostering the power within your self

*  Creating Sacred Circle with an opening ceremony/meditation that harmonizes the group

*  Stepping into the greater awareness of the possibilities, taking you to a deeper more fulfilling level of consciousness

*  Always creating the connection between all the parts of you and the pathway to working with all of your guides, for the highest good and the most benevolent reasons

* Topics covered (but not limited to): How to connect with your guides, creating in depth relationships with your guides, delving into the civilization that you personally may have come from eons ago, meet your own personal dragon(s) that will help empower you... and so much more

Aspect 4

Consistency & Results


*  The classes are heart based, hands on, with surround sound support, that encompass the learning and help you to stay the course... one simple step at a time, one lesson at a time

*  Being able to meet week after week is what will help keep you in the energy of accepting, trusting and believing as you are stepping more fully onto your path as a.... (your title is what feels right to you)

*  I see the incredible You... I promise you, you will to. You will see the possibilities and you will have the confidence to step into them and design the life you want, that your soul wants for you

karen davis_edited.jpg

Karen Davis

I am going to places I have never been before. Love the drumming and the guided journeys. And the shape shifting...

Sherry MIller-Wild_edited.jpg

Sherry Wild

Nothing compares to this course!

I am so curious where this is taking me. It is good to be in group and experience everyone's journeys.

horses 2.jpg


I've learned the difference between drumming and guided journeys. Egypt wanted to be heard when we were exploring lost civilizations. There is so much energy when we are on the calls.

Janice Hawkins.jpg

Janice Hawkins

I want to know more...

Trust, believe and let it unfold at it's own pace.

I am finding lots of dragons in the clouds.

Sandra works closely with White Raven and Sister Magpie
Choose an animal or bird and scroll down to see what it has to tell you...
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I’m an older woman, who feels alone and unsupported. How will the DRAGON WHEEL OF LIFE help me?

Oh my gosh I can so relate. In fact, over half the women who go through the program are grandmothers like myself. A few of these same women have estranged relationships in their lives and this program has helped them feel supported in a different way. How it will work for you will depend on what you want to get out of it. I can tell you that it will help you with finding purpose, confidence and calmness. It will also remove the limiting belief you are too old to do this or that you are running out of time.

I’ve been spiritual for years and have taken quite a few programs in the past. Will the DRAGON WHEEL OF LIFE give me anything that I don’t already know?

When it comes right down to it, that’s for you to decide. If you’ve never taken a program from me then YES, you’ll learn something you don’t already know. In fact I am a student first, no matter how many programs I’ve taken, how many books I’ve read, or how immersed I am in my spiritual life. There is ALWAYS more to learn. There is ALWAYS room for growth. Can you see around your own limiting beliefs? This program has been created to take you on a magical journey. If you are ready to hang out with mystical creatures, animal spirits and discover lost civilizations, then the Medicine Wheel is the place to be.

I’m a busy Mom, with a lot on my plate, will the DRAGON WHEEL OF LIFE work for me?

YES, absolutely! With a week between calls you have a chance to do the steps by fitting them into your schedule. You may be guided to do something that takes a half hour, however this is a great way to start to take care of you. Self care includes taking time for the things you want and like to do. Most of the time it is being in awareness so you can see, hear, feel or know your guides are with you.

I feel like I am different and I know I need one on one support. I don’t know how a group program will serve me.

Stop right there! You’re not. I've been on my own journey for over 20 years now and have been guiding hundreds of people just like you. I am the first one to jump on the stage as being different or weird or that there is woo-woo in my life. The students in this group program learn from the others taking part. It is reassuring when someone is expressing what you may be unable to put words to. What’s more important is laying down the foundation for accepting how awesome you really are, embracing that weirdness and mastering how to use it to grow spiritually. 

How do I know if the DRAGON WHEEL OF LIFE is the right program for me?

The Dragon Wheel of Life is a magical program for anyone, including those newly awakening, who want to feel the magic they have seen or heard about. There are guides walking with you everyday, to support you and answer your deepest questions.


If you want to connect with your guides so that you can feel calmer, discover where you may have really come from and play with dragons, this program is for you. If it wasn’t, you wouldn’t have gotten this far down the page.


Meet Sandra

The Guide Academy

Sandra, known as the Visionary of the Guide Academy, had a download of information that was calling for mankind to ultimately come together collectively.

Stepping into life and leading the way, Sandra's relationship with her guides, the animals, angels, dragons and more has helped many people develop an awareness of their guides and how to understand them better.

Life has many intricacies, many nuances and Sandra loves figuring them out with the help of her guides.


Pay in Full

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Payment Plan
 11 x $730.00

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Payment Plan
in Quarter

3 x $670.00

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